Covid 19


With UK business owners looking to return to work and resume normal operations as the Coronavirus lockdown period begins to end, it is important that they open their premises in safe and controlled manner.

There will still be high-levels of anxiety amongst employees, customers and visitors alike, as they want reassurances that their working environments are as safe and clean as possible.

Our specialist deep cleaning and sanitising service eliminates the risk of spreading infection, providing both you and your patrons with peace of mind that your workplace is safe, clean and ready to use.

Prices start from :

∙ £0.65 per square metre for scheduled fogging cleaning

∙ £1.20 per square metre for emergency fogging cleaning











We use a proven treatment process which kills both viruses (including all members of the Coronavirus family, including COVID-19, SARS and MERS) and 99.9% of bacteria and fungi.

The cleaning process leaves no residue and areas which have been cleaned and decontaminated are safe and ready to use within one hour of cleaning.

To ensure maximum effectiveness and reduce the risk of future transfer of viruses and bacteria, we can also schedule a repeat cleaning service for high-traffic and frequently touched areas to ensure ongoing levels of assurance. Such areas include door handles, hand rails, light switches, lift button, washrooms and toilets, security barriers and communal areas such as canteens and kitchens.


















       Our fully-trained and qualified expert team will provide a service which includes:

  • Up-front digital surveys of your premises using photos and videos to ascertain which surfaces require cleaning and sanitising

  • Site surveys are available if deemed necessary and are charged separately

  • Full RAMS (Risk Assessment and Method Statement) with task methodology will be agreed prior to commencement of cleaning, ensuring that you are fully satisfied that all measures such as social distancing are adhered to

  • Our team are fully-qualified, trained and experienced, enabling them to systematically work through your premises in full accordance with agreed RAMS, cleaning all hard surfaces

  • Our thorough cleaning and treatment process uses a combination of vaporised directional spraying and micro-fibre wiping, using a disinfecting sanitiser which contains active biocides that actively eliminate an extensive list of viruses, bacteria, fungi and moulds

  • The service is effective against all Coronaviruses (including COVID-19, SARS and MERS), Type A Influenzas, as well as viruses classified in the ‘hardest-to-kill’ category such as Poliovirus, Norovirus and Feline Calicivirus

  • Clearance certificates will be dated, signed and attached to the entry points of all rooms after cleaning and disinfection has taken place

  • Our expert team will wear full personal protective equipment (PPE) and use specialist disinfection equipment during the cleaning process, with all PPE being compliantly disposed of after the cleaning has been completed

  • Certificates of deep cleaning and reporting provided

  • Deep cleaning and sanitising can be set-up up as a scheduled service, providing ongoing peace of mind